Storage Advice for Tenants From Tenants

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Storage Advice for Tenants From Tenants

We would like to make renting a storage unit as easy as possible. So we took some of the best advice and feedback we’d gathered from over the years from other tenants to give you a better idea of issues faced by new renters and the creative solutions they came up with.

To do so, we asked one simple question:

What is one valuable piece of advice you’d like to share with other potential tenants researching and renting a storage unit?

1. Find the Appropriate Size
One common problem among new renters is size expectations versus reality. Some tenants were surprised that the actual size of the unit were too small than the size guidelines supplied by the storage facility:

“Moving is hard enough. Make sure you plan the size of the storage unit appropriately before committing to renting it. It’s easier and cheaper in the long-run to rent the right size the first time. Take 15 minutes before you rent it to look inside the unit and get a feel for it. And make sure you measure your largest furniture with extra space for boxes.”

Another tenant offered advice on how to better estimate the size you need:

“Be organized and put everything in boxes or tubs (except for larger furniture). This gives you a better idea of how much space you need because it’s so much easier to measure everything.”

Remember that storage units are generally between 8 and 10 feet tall, so be sure to take advantage of stacking boxes for extra storage space.

2. Choosing a Storage Facility
Another challenge is finding the right storage facility. Most customers recommended using the Internet to locate and compare storage facilities. However, many also advocated looking at the facility in person before signing a lease:

“Look at the unit in person to check on the security and the actual space of the unit you require. You can gain a lot of insight by seeing the unit in person.”

3. Booking at the Right Price
Of course everyone wants the best priced storage unit available. But remember cheaper is not always better. A perimiter fence and general security are just as important and many of the cheapest storage facilities do not offer security of any kind.

“I found that storage is cheaper in facilities with little or no security so I went with them to save a buck. I ended up losing priceless items because my unit was broken into. Find a facility that makes it hard for criminals to get into.”

4. Watch Out for Extra Fees
Some tenants of other storage facilities warned of extra hidden fees that were tacked on by at the last minute. Be sure to ask about any and all fees – above and beyond the monthly storage unit rent.

“Remember to bring proof of homeowner’s or renter’s insurance as they apply to covering your belongings in a storage facility. Insurance is important and the plan the facility offers is not cheap (if offered). ”

“Find out if there are any additional fees like an ‘administrative’ fee that I was charged.”

Storage Keeper West does not require or offer insurance coverage – though we do recommend it. We also do not charge any administrative fees. What you are quoted is what you get.

5. Make the Move
After selecting a storage facility and a unit and completing the paperwork, many tenants offered solid advice on what to do when you move in:

“When moving in furniture, bring a blanket or sheet to lay underneathe to protect it from the concrete floor.”

“Leave a little bit of extra empty space right inside the door of the unit in case you ever have to get to anything while it’s in storage. That helps to eliminate moving items back and forth.”

Storage Keeper West can take much of the headache out of choosing the right unit and getting moved in as soon as possible for the right price. Call us at (989) 839-2110 or click here to send us a message. Let us know if you have any advice for other tenants below.

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